We create Free Helpful mental health worksheets for therapists & You.

Why are our worksheets unique? The Free Mental Health worksheets we make are self-counselling tools that help you or a counselee process him/herself whilst completing the worksheet. This is called catharsis. Aside from giving an initial catharsis to you or the counselee, the response gathered by the worksheet makes the task of the counsellor easier and saves time usually spent doing a more extensive intake interview. Our worksheets are available in PDF, suitable for adults, children & students and can be used as self-help tools or with the supervision of a counsellor.


Our Review Board

Dr Sabina Alispahic (PhD)

Psychologist & Gestalt Psychotherapist

  Dr Sabina Alispahic, PhD, is a psychologist and gestalt psychotherapist with expertise in clinical and health psychology.  Dr Sabina Alispahic’s Highlights: Associate Professor at the University of Sarajevo for the past 12 years PhD in psychology at the University of Zagreb European Certificate of Psychotherapy Professional experience Dr Alispahic pioneered innovative teaching methods as…

Dr. Mark Mohan Kaggwa

Dr. Mark Mohan Kaggwa is a psychiatrist with experience in both clinical and research work. Major research contributions have been in forensic psychiatry, suicidology, medical education, and addiction psychiatry.  He writes and reviews articles on these topics.   Brief bio I have a wealth of expertise and experience in research and publication in psychiatry. I…