8 dimensions of wellness worksheet

What is the theory behind this 8 dimensions of wellness worksheet?

The concept of wellness integrates the trio of physical , mental and spiritual well-being. It involves nurturing the mind, body and the spirit alike. It encompasses 8 dimensions that are mutually linked to each other and need our equal attention to achieve  happiness. Neglecting even one can negatively impact one’s health and mental-wellbeing. 

How will the worksheet help?

The worksheet will provide information about the 8 mutually dependent dimensions of wellness. It can help individuals evaluate their own life and take necessary actions to fulfil the needs of those dimensions in order to become healthier and happier. 

How to use the worksheet?

For each of the dimensions mentioned in the worksheet, reflect on and write about the aspects you have been neglecting or have failed to pay attention to. Think about the actions you can start taking today to improve your well-being. 

8 dimensions of wellness worksheet

Dimensions of wellnessWhat does it mean?What aspect of this dimension have you been neglecting?What can you start doing today to help you improve?

Adopting healthy habits that contribute towards a healthy body. Paying attention to nutrition, physical activity, sleep hygiene, avoiding harmful substances and keeping up with regular health checkups

Feeding your creative side.Instilling a love for learning, learning crucial life skills such as problem solving, decision making, critical thinking. Be open to new experiences. Willing to advance your learning for personal and professional growth

Understanding, accepting and valuing your own emotions, feelings, behaviours and attitudes. Learning to regulate emotions and coping with unhealthy emotions. 

Understanding how the environment or situation around you affects your well-being and vice versa. Taking responsible decisions that respect the environment you are in. 

Managing your finances in a way that benefits you the most. Cultivating money-management skills, taking well-informed financial decisions, knowing how to save for bad times

Forming meaningful and productive relationships, doing your part to give back to the community, empathising and being sensitive to other’s needs, tolerating and respecting differences  

Connecting with your inner soul. Seeking a life of meaning and purpose.Could or could not be about strengthening your religious beliefs. Using introspection for self-reflection. Seeking to reach inner peace and comfort

Working not just to satisfy basic needs but to become a productive member of the society. Utilising your skills in the best of ways on a career path that you are passionate about. Using work to groom and grow. 


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You can download this worksheet here.

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