8 dimensions of wellness worksheet

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What is the theory behind this 8 dimensions of wellness worksheet?

The concept of wellness integrates the trio of physical , mental and spiritual well-being. It involves nurturing the mind, body and the spirit alike. It encompasses 8 dimensions that are mutually linked to each other and need our equal attention to achieve  happiness. Neglecting even one can negatively impact one’s health and mental-wellbeing. 

How will the worksheet help?

The worksheet will provide information about the 8 mutually dependent dimensions of wellness. It can help individuals evaluate their own life and take necessary actions to fulfil the needs of those dimensions in order to become healthier and happier. 

How to use the worksheet?

For each of the dimensions mentioned in the worksheet, reflect on and write about the aspects you have been neglecting or have failed to pay attention to. Think about the actions you can start taking today to improve your well-being. 

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