Addiction Reservation Worksheet

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What is the theory behind the Addiction Reservation Worksheet?

The theory behind this worksheet is Cognitive Behavioral as the tasks encourage the counselee to assess intrusive thoughts which take form through reservations. The worksheet encourages the counselee to reframe his thoughts and be stronger in his goal towards recovery.  The behavioural aspect of the theory comes in when the perspective on the reservation is reframed, it translates to a behaviour less driven towards sobriety.

How will this worksheet help?

The worksheet will aid the counselee through self-awareness and the eradication of irrational thoughts. The aforementioned process will result in sober and addiction-free behaviour.  

How to use the worksheet? 

The worksheet is user-friendly. This only requires honesty and openness on the part of the counselee in responding to the questions. The more honest and open the counselee, the better he can assess his situation relative to his tendencies of having reservations. The better he understands the reservations, the faster he can deal with them, and the higher the possibility of a successful end to addiction.

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