Anxiety Worksheet for Middle School

What is the theory behind this anxiety worksheet for Middle School?

Kids frequently experience anxiety when switching schools, making the journey from elementary to middle school, or making the transfer from middle to high school. They find it difficult to understand their anxiety and talk about it. Children and adolescents who get anxiety-focused cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) experience significant reductions in anxiety.

How will the worksheet help?

The worksheet is helpful to make clients understand their anxiety in a better way. Understanding one’s own issue is the first step in managing it. The worksheet psychoeducate clients about their anxiety and how it is affecting them.   

How to use the worksheet?  

The therapist uses this worksheet during a session with the client. Children find it difficult to identify and talk about their anxiety, so the therapist should assist them to identify their anxious thoughts and how these thoughts affect them.  

Anxiety Worksheet for Middle School


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You can download this worksheet here.

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