Art Therapy Worksheets: Exploring Feelings through Art Therapy

What is the theory behind this Art Therapy Worksheet?

Art therapy is a type of psychotherapy that allows individuals to express and translate their inner thoughts, feelings and emotions into any form of visual art. It is particularly useful when individuals are too overwhelmed to explain their inner state through words. Simply allowing them to put their thoughts and feelings onto paper allows uninterrupted expression of their emotions that sometimes becomes a source of new insights for both the therapist and the client.  

How will the worksheet help?

The worksheet is meant to help clients draw or paint an abstract representation of different emotional states. It will allow them to begin the session with a non-verbal expression of how they view emotions that will be helpful to prompt further discussion as the session progresses. 

How to use the worksheet?

Instruct the client to use the given materials to draw or paint an abstract representation of the different emotions mentioned in the worksheet. IInstruct them to choose one colour for each emotion. Once completed, initiate a discussion on what the drawing represents. 

Art Therapy Worksheets: Exploring Feelings through Art Therapy

Use only abstract art and one colour to represent the following three emotions. You can use different shades of the same colour.

Emotion: HappinessChosen colour:

Emotion: SadnessChosen colour:Emotion: AnxietyChosen colour:


Lhotová, M & Diallo, K. (2020). Mindfulness to Expression of Emotions in Art Creation in Art Therapy. 33. 279. 10.17951/j.2020.33.3.279-289. 

You can download this worksheet here.

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