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 What is the theory behind the Effective Communication worksheet?

We communicate with hundreds of people in our lives, but do we effectively communicate or not? The answer is your communication style. Effective communication has some factors that must be there in your way of communication otherwise we can say that your communication is not effective. In order to communicate effectively, you don’t only need to be very careful about your words but your focus should be your non-verbal gestures, body language, and eye contact. All these things play an important role in your communication. You should be aware of your own thoughts, emotions, attitude, and motives when communicating. 

How can this worksheet help you? 

  • This worksheet can help you understand how we can make any communication effective and what those factors affect our communication. 
  • You can learn strategies that can improve your communication pattern and ultimately your interpersonal relationships. 
  • You can also reflect back on your communication style and identify the skills that you lack. 
  • By identifying your weaknesses, you can decide to work on them and learn new skills to effectively communicate in the future. 

How to use this worksheet?

This effective communication worksheet can be downloaded or it can be used in a printed form as well.

It is more like a knowledgeable worksheet, so you need to take some time out from your routine when you can give all your focus on this worksheet. Read every item and identify how they bring change in our communication skills. Identify what you lack and start working on them.

You can download this worksheet here.

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