Fear Worksheet for Adults

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What is the theory behind this Fear Worksheet for Adults?

People with anxiety and other personality issues are often found to indulge in fearful situations. Fear is a learned response that is reinforced by minor related cues and incidents and humans learn to respond in a certain way to a specific situation. Usually, a person has three responses to a fearful situation: fight response, flight response, or freeze response. If a person adopts a flight or freeze response it brings problems in their life. The client must have awareness of fears and responses to make their coping better 

How will the worksheet help?

The worksheet will help clients identify their fear. It will create an intellectual insight into how these fears affect their functioning and harm their life. They will have a more clear understanding of their physical symptoms. Clients can identify their coping mode. It will motivate clients to adopt a better solution to deal with that situation.

How to use the worksheet?

This worksheet will help clients identify clients fear and the association behind it which reinforces their fear. The client can look up to their coping style with fear-provoking situations. It is important to explore their cognition about fighting with situations. Ask the client to break situations and expose themselves in the least fearful situation to overcome anxiety and later move to difficult ones 

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