Helicopter worksheet

What is the theory behind this Helicopter worksheet?

Humans experience emotional distress in situations they deem unfavorable. Negativity bias towards life circumstances can contribute to intense emotions, which can in turn distort our perception about those circumstances. A multi-dimensional view of difficult circumstances called helicopter view can help clients come up with appropriate solutions.

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet provides a system to approach problems with a helicopter view. The purpose is to make the client objectively look at the big picture of difficult situations. An objective view will allow them to come up with a logical solution to problems.

How to use this worksheet?

Ask the clients to view a problem in a bigger picture through the following angles: Self, others, outsiders, and wise-mind. Instruct clients to read the questions and write their responses. They can keep it as a reminder and practice it from time to time. 

Helicopter worksheet

What am I reacting to? What does it mean to me?What are negative things about this situation?

What does it seem to the other/s involved in this situation? What are they thinking? What are their feeling towards it? 



How would someone from the outside look at it and what would they say?
What would be the best thing to do? For me and this situation? How can I make this my learning experience? Is it worth my emotional investment? 


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You can download this worksheet here.

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