Mental health worksheet for high school

What is the theory behind this Looking mental health worksheet for high school? 

Mental health plays a crucial role in maintaining a person’s well being. It is as important as physical health. Mental health is essential for every period of life, from childhood and adolescence to maturity. According to research, having good social, behavioural, and emotional health as well as the absence of mental health issues represents positive mental health.  

How will the worksheet help?

Students who have good mental health can manage their emotions, deal with stress, and act in ways that are suitable for their age. Additionally, they exhibit more prosocial behaviours, feel more connected to their school, perform better academically, and report less bullying and victimisation than students who don’t have strong mental health. This worksheet will give awareness about the importance of mental health to the client and help them in learning ways to maintain mental health.

How to use the worksheet?  

The worksheet can be used by therapists to make clients aware of the importance of mental health and what are the ways to maintain mental health. The task given in the worksheet can be given to the client to perform daily. 

Mental health worksheet for high school

Let’s learn about what the word MENTAL HEALTH means.

Now we have learned about Mental Health. It’s time to accept the 15 days mental health challenge. You are strong and you can do it.  

Do Exercise for half hourKeep all your gadgets off before 1 hour of sleeping. Write 3 positive things about yourselfHave a Call with your friend
Read for 20 minutes from your favourite bookDo something good for someone elseDo Yoga for 20 minutesSpend time with your family
Mindfulness walk for 20 minutesWrite positive affirmations and repeat it. Talk to your friend or family member you trust about your problems. Play game
Do deep breathing for 15 minutesWork on your any skill. Write. Paint or draw somethingParticipate in sport any sport


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You can download this worksheet here.

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