Substance Abuse therapy worksheet

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What is the theory behind this substance abuse therapy worksheet?

The pattern of compulsive substance use known as substance abuse is characterised by recurrent serious societal, occupational, legal, or interpersonal negative outcomes. Currently, the most often employed and extensively studied therapeutic approach is cognitive behavioural therapy. Desired effects are frequently produced by therapies that teach substance abusers about the connections between their beliefs, behaviours, and emotions.

How will the worksheet help?

The worksheet will help clients to evaluate the pros and cons of substance abuse that will be beneficial in developing intellectual and emotional insight in clients.  

How to use the worksheet?  

The therapist can use this worksheet during motivational interviews to develop insight in the clients and make them aware of pros and cons of substance abuse. 

Substance Abuse therapy worksheet

People have their own reason why they want to change their behaviour. What are the pros and cons of substance abuse, let’s list them in the box. 

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