What is a trauma worksheet? 

What is the theory behind this trauma worksheet? 

The worksheet can be employed in therapy to assist client in developing awareness regarding nature of trauma and the way it effects the mind and the body.  The worksheet is based on the premise that experience of trauma can be overwhelming for a person and negatively impacts his/her/their coping capacity and creates loss of control, hopelessness and fear of uncertainty.

How will the worksheet help?

The worksheet is a measure through which client can gain information regarding the nature of trauma. Primarily, it focuses on different dimensions of trauma, including its definition, different types, and symptoms that are assocuated with trauma. Often trauma victims do not know what their bodies and minds are experiencing, which can create fear. This worksheet will help them gain clarity and feel more in control.

How to use the worksheet?

This worksheet taps the following information categories involving traumatic responses:

  1. Defining Trauma
  2. Different types of trauma
  3. Symptoms of trauma
  4. Coping with Trauma

With the help of the therapist, answer the following questions to learn about trauma. You can use the internet too.

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