4-week Insomnia Workbook

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What is the theory behind this 4-week Insomnia Workbook?

Sleep difficulties are more prevalent in society after covid 19 time period. Sleep disturbances can be observed due to stress, maintaining poor sleep patterns, and neglect behavior toward health can bring on sleep issues. Poor sleep can cause concentration issues, impaired memory promotes body aches, and can result in low interest and energy. Sleep hygiene is very important and is neglected by many individuals due to poor sleep hygiene sleep issues emerge and lack of knowledge lead client to experience distress. Clients need to acknowledge and deal with their sleep issues properly. 

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet will help clients to monitor their sleep properly. The client can identify their bad habits before going bad. The worksheet will enhance clients’ knowledge about poor hygiene and they can keep a record of healthy adopted habits. The worksheet will help clients’ functioning because healthy sleep patterns will help clients improve their daily functioning. 

How to use the worksheet?

Instruct clients to write about current sleep habits and rate their sleep pattern according to quality and quantity by filling these worksheets psycho educate clients about loopholes in their functioning that are creating negative in their sleep. Later introduce sleep hygiene and help clients how they can adopt a healthy environment to promote better sleep quality. Later ask them to fill in sleep notes to have a post-test analysis of sleep hygiene’s positive impacts.    

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