The 5 P’s Formulation Worksheet

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What is the theory behind this 5 P’s Formulation Worksheet?

The 5 Ps formulation technique is very commonly used in clinical settings to help therapists and clients understand the client’s presenting problems in much depth. It conceptualises not just the presenting problem but how and when it developed, the factors maintaining it and the individuals own resilience and strength. 

New counselors often lack the skill of case formulation, also known as conceptualization. Utilizing a framework to aid in case formulation could be beneficial not only for novice counselors but also for seasoned counselors. The Five Ps, developed by Macneil et al. (2012), is a framework that incorporates five factors. It offers a systematic and holistic way to understand clients and their issues, considering the (1) Presenting problem, (2) Predisposing factors, (3) Precipitating factors, (4) Perpetuating factors, and (5) Protective factors. The Five Ps framework advocates for a clear and methodical approach to case formulation or assessment, potentially yielding a plethora of valuable data.

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet will provide a basic 5 Ps formulation template that therapists and counsellors can utilise in their practice as needed. It will help them give a proper structure to their client’s current problems, history and other important details that they need to form a case formulation.

How to use the worksheet?

Once important information about the client’s condition has been compiled from the initial sessions, use this worksheet to categorise it into the 5 P’s formulation format to help in the final case formulation. Write down the client’s presenting problems and the predisposing, precipitating, perpetuating and protective factors. 

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