Abandonment And Rejection Worksheet  

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What is the theory behind this Abandonment And Rejection Worksheet?

Fear of abandonment can be defined as a fear that people around will leave. According to Schema therapists, the fear of abandonment comes under the domain of the schema of “Disconnection and Rejection”, thus individuals with abandonment fears, believe that others will reject them. Fear of abandonment is associated with great levels of distress. The fear leads individuals to generate misconceptions about others and development of maladaptive behavioral patterns. An important part of schema therapy includes the modification of cognitions.

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet will facilitate individuals in working on their unhealthy behavioral patterns caused by fear of abandonment and rejection through reality testing and the generation of healthier thought patterns. Through this worksheet, individuals will also be able to come up with healthy coping strategies.

How to use the worksheet?

The worksheet requires individuals to answer open-ended questions and report their triggers thoughts and behavior. The latter part will guide them to assess previous experiences, check facts and generate alternative thoughts. 


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