ADHD workbook for Adults

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What is the theory behind ADHD workbook for Adults?

ADHD is a new neurodevelopmental disorder that usually starts in childhood however, in some people onset is late. People with ADHD find it difficult to focus on one thing and stick to one task. In adults, this neurodevelopmental disorder is followed by a lack of focus or prioritizing the task, missing deadlines, and forgetfulness. These symptoms make it difficult to meet day-to-day needs, therefore managing your ADHD is very necessary. 

How can this workbook help you?

  1. With this worksheet, you can learn skills and strategies that will address your symptoms. 
  2. You will learn skills to perform your task successfully by breaking them into smaller ones.
  3. Patients can learn ways to organize their tasks, commitment, and other activities in a helpful manner.
  4. By learning time management and self-coaching skills, you can beat the problems in your occupational functioning
  5. Adaptive thinking ability and planning skills will be improved. 

How to use this workbook?

This workbook has essential tools in the form of techniques and skills to manage your overall ADHD symptoms. You can explore different sections of this workbook as per your suitability and symptoms. One thing to remember is to use this workbook consistently and practice every skill regularly can bring change. Just follow the given tasks and you will see the results. You can print, download and save it or complete it digitally. 

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