Anxiety Worksheet

What is the theory behind this anxiety worksheet?

The most common psychological condition is an anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorders encompass a wide range of disorders. It includes Specific phobias, generalised anxiety disorder, agoraphobia, social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and separation anxiety disorder. It is treatable with psychopharmacological and cognitive-behavioural interventions.

How will the worksheet help?

Anxiety disorders can be treated at home without the need for clinical supervision. However, for severe or long-term anxiety disorders, this may not be effective. This worksheet will assist people in confronting their fears and becoming less sensitive to their usual anxiety triggers.

How to use the worksheet?  

The therapist uses this worksheet to teach clients about irrational thoughts and how they relate to anxiety. Therapists give this worksheet to clients during sessions to help them manage their anxious thoughts and create alternative positive thoughts for themselves.

Anxiety Worksheet

Make a schedule for your anxiety time and allocate 5-10 minutes daily. Set a 10-minute timer and allow yourself to worry during this time. Write down the thoughts that come to your mind during this time. When you begin to be anxious the rest of the day, remind yourself to put it off for worry time and do other work. 

                 Day            Timing                    Thoughts


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You can download this worksheet here.

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