Borderline Personality Disorder Workbook (PDF)

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What is the theory behind this Borderline Personality Disorder Workbook (PDF)?

A key symptom of Borderline Personality Disorder is a person’s inability to regulate or control their emotion which significantly impacts how they deal with situations and relationships. They show persistent mood swings leading to instability in their interaction with others and impulsive behaviours. They act out and think in extremes which has negative consequences not just for themselves but others around them. Personality disorders do not have  magical cure but with consistent therapy the distressing can be easily managed to bring back normalcy. 

How will the workbook help?

This workbook can help clients with Borderline Personality Disorder to learn emotion regulation skills since emotional instability is a significant symptom of their condition. It will help them identify intense emotional changes, their triggers and then plan effective coping strategies to manage them. It will help them document important information regarding their emotional reactions that can help the therapist in tailoring a treatment plan that can work. 

How to use the workbook?

Instruct the client to use the first section of the workbook whenever they feel an intense emotion coming through. They have to identify the emotion they are feeling and take note of all associated information to be able to understand it better. In the second section, they have to figure out what could have triggered this emotional state and what made them vulnerable to those triggers. In the last section, they have to describe and evaluate the coping strategy they used to manage their emotional state for future references. 

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