Clinical Interview for Children Worksheet- Socialization

What is the theory behind this worksheet?

There is no theory used as a basis for this worksheet. Literature has shown that clinical interview is considered the foundation of all mental health interventions and one of the most important skills a mental health professional should possess. 

How will this worksheet help?

The user/interviewer can benefit by having a guide to base his/her questions on the child on the aspect of socialization. This worksheet can provide the user/interviewer a headstart and he/she may add follow-up questions to the ones already provided. 

How to use the worksheet? 

This worksheet allows the user/interviewer to ask questions to the child related to socialization. There are questions in the first column which the user/interviewer may ask to the child. The second column is optional, the user/interviewer may answer it to help him/her process the importance of the answers in the analysis of the possible issue. 

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