Cognitive Worksheets For Preschoolers

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What is the theory behind Cognitive Worksheets for Preschoolers?

There is a well-known theory behind it. Its “theory of cognitive development” proposed by Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget outlines different stages of intellectual development in children. His theory is been widely used to understand how children develop and acquire cognitive skills. 

The relevant therapy for preschoolers aligned with this theory is “Cognitive Behavioral Play therapy” which combines cognitive and behavioral theories in a play-based context as it recognizes that playing is a natural way of learning and communication of a child.

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet will help the guardian or counselors assess how much their children achieved the cognitive developmental milestones as a preschooler. Also, it provides activities that stimulate and challenge their cognitive abilities.

How to use the worksheet?

There are certain age-appropriate activities and questions mentioned in this worksheet that the counselor or guardian will make sure to attempt the child by engaging and encouraging them to think critically. This will help them to assess as well as stimulate and challenge their cognitive abilities.

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