Disorganized Attachment Worksheet

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What is the theory behind this worksheet?

A disorganized or fearful-avoidant attachment style describes an individual who encountered mistrustful relationships with caregivers during childhood, possibly due to addiction or emotional instability. 

It results in a fearful-avoidant approach in all adult relationships, whether romantic or otherwise. 

Individuals with disorganized attachment styles typically:

Experience feelings of unworthiness

Display ambivalence in relationships

Oscillate between emotional distance and vulnerability

Struggle to trust instinctively

Anticipate betrayal as an ever-present possibility

Having likely endured some form of early-life abuse

Yearn for love but anticipate betrayal.

How will the worksheet help?

The worksheet will give you valuable insights into the origins and effects of disorganized attachment and pathways toward healing and relational growth. 

It can also foster greater understanding and compassion for oneself and others who may experience similar attachment challenges.

How to use the worksheet?

Answer the questions and discuss your answers with a close friend or your therapist.

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