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What is the theory behind the worksheet?

Emotional intelligence is a key element to self-awareness and regulation. By understanding your own emotions you are able to work with them and adapt to different situations you find yourself in. 

Emotional intelligence is formed when you are able to identify your emotions, identify the emotions of others, regulate your own emotions, and develop empathy. This leads you to be holistically developed.

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet aims to help you develop your emotional intelligence by investigating and reflecting on each of your emotions and understanding them with more insight. 

This builds your self-awareness. Once you have an increased level of self-awareness you can begin to work on regulating your emotions.

How to use the worksheet.

Find a time that you can sit and think about your emotions. Decide on one emotion to start with, and work with one emotion at a time. 

Take the template and label it with this emotion. Using a variety of mediums (your choice) annotate and create the emotion’s essence on the template. Think about how the emotion feels in your body, what thoughts are linked with this emotion, what behaviors are linked with this emotion, and what activates this emotion.

Your reflection can take on any form that you wish, whether it is done in symbolic representation or through writing, it needs to connect with you and feel authentic.

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