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What is the theory behind this Free relationship workbook?

Our relationships are a very important part of my life and they play a significant role in our mental, and physical well-being. Lack of a relationship or having a disturbing relationship can lead to psychological problems like anxiety, depression, etc. If your relationship with your partner is not healthy it can eventually result in something very bad like separation or divorce or a breakup. That is why working in relationships is very important.

How can this workbook help you?

This workbook is a detailed kit to help you improve your unhealthy relationship and build a positive and healthy bond. It has a different section in which you can first understand your relationship deeply by building more insight into it. You can explore your partner’s and your pattern of communication which will help you in improving it and resolve your conflicts in an effective and appropriate way. It will also help you in exploring the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship and are positive aspects of your relationship

How to use this workbook?

This workbook is consisting of different worksheets which will help you in building a healthy relationship with your partner. You can daily take out some time to complete this workbook and slowly you will realize what are the areas that need to be discussed. It’s better if both partners will their own workbooks separately so that they can be discussed and work on identified problems. If you are seeking couple therapy, it will be helpful in your therapy as well.

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