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What is the theory behind this Locus worksheet mental health?

Locus of control is the extent to which you feel you have control over events that impact your life. According to social learning theory, we have two types of locus of control, internal and external. Those with external locus are prone to blame the outside world for their problems. These individuals find themselves helpless and powerless during challenging times. While people with internal locus are the ones who take responsibility for their actions and find ways to deal with the challenges.

How will the worksheet help?

With the help of this worksheet clients with external locus of control, will be able to identify their resources as well as the factors that are out of their control and find a middle path where they can have agency towards their life challenges.

How to use this worksheet?

State the challenge you are facing and label the figure in between as yourself. Focus on the things that you have complete agency over, then the things you believe are completely out-of-your-control. Pen them down in their respective shapes. Then with the help of both responses, device a moderate way that can influence the things in-your-control to deal with the factors that are out-of-your-control. Take help from the example.

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