Self-compassion teenage worksheet

What is the theory behind this worksheet?

Self-compassion means being kind and understanding towards oneself in times of difficulty or inadequacy. The theories behind this worksheet align with the principles of “Positive psychology- cultivates positive emotions, self-esteem, and overall well-being as it is a key component of promoting mental health” and “Mindfulness- encourages mindfulness and awareness of self by exploring the deeper layers of personal experiences.

Therapies may include;

Mindful self-compassion (MSC)- which emphasizes being warm, understanding, and kind towards oneself when one suffers or feels inadequate.

How will this worksheet help you?    

  • Self-reflection
  • Mindfulness
  • Cultivation of self-compassion
  • Enhance emotional well-being and resilience.

How should you use this worksheet?

Individuals or therapists can use this worksheet as a practical tool to develop skills to respond to difficult emotions or situations with great self-compassion.

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