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What is the theory behind the worksheet?

Shadow Work is a theory associated with Carl Jung. He theorized that there were elements of ourselves that we disliked, rejected, or felt ashamed about. We often push these elements away and try to not integrate them with our conscious minds and the way we interact with the world.

This is not always helpful because they are parts of ourselves and need to be acknowledged, integrated, and worked with. The idea of Shadow Work is to reflect on these aspects and learn how to integrate them into our understanding of ourselves.

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet offers you the opportunity to be mindful and delve into some self-reflection. This will help you to be honest with yourself and learn to accept all parts of you. When you accept all these parts you are able to work with them to make sure they do not overwhelm you.

This helps with your overall well-being and way of interacting with the world.

How to use the worksheet.

You may find you wish to start with a mindful meditation to help you focus inwards and on yourself. Begin with the steps listed in the activity and work through them in your own time.

Remember to not judge how you are expressing each face, it is about the meaning and not how it looks to others. This self-reflection can be recorded in a journal to help you continue your Shadow Work journey. These journeys are often more supported when done with a mental health professional.

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