Strengths and Weaknesses Worksheet

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What is the theory behind the Strengths and Weaknesses worksheet?

Strengths are characterized as our traits, and skills that are considered positive and bring helpful change in our lives, whereas, weaknesses are the just opposite of strengths. They are considered as negative and underdeveloped skills due to which we face difficulties and problems sometimes in our lives. However, weaknesses are problems when you are not aware of them. Once you identify your challenges, you can work on them and plan every step accordingly. 

How can this worksheet help you?

This worksheet will give a you deep and clear understanding of yourself. You will identify your strengths and weaknesses and how they are bringing positive and negative respectively. By knowing your strengths you can maintain and improve them. And by knowing your weaknesses you can get an idea what are the areas you need to work on. Identifying strengths that you were not aware of can elevate your self-esteem. And identification of new weaknesses can help you plan your goals accordingly and side by side work on your weaknesses.

How to use this worksheet?

  1. This worksheet can be completed in digital form or you can print out a hard copy.
  2. Sit comfortably and relaxed and think about your strengths and weaknesses and how they play a crucial role in your life.
  3. Try to answer every question with focus and attention. 
  4. After completing this worksheet, you can read it mindfully and plan what you need to do in order to work on your weaknesses.

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