Substance Abuse Group Worksheet

Video & audio overview of the worksheet

What is the theory behind the worksheet?

Progressive Muscle Relaxation is an evidence-based practice that engages the mind-body connection. Using the conscious physical release of isolated muscle groups allows for physical tension to be identified and released. When the body feels more relaxed the mind feels a sense of ease and is able to focus on reflective processes related to their stress.

Substance use and recovery can place an individual in a state of high stress, learning how to release the physical tension caused by the stress can be a helpful skill to develop.

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet encourages the mindful use of muscle relaxation to decrease the impact of stressful experiences such as substance abuse and recovery. By working as a group to learn about progressive muscle relaxation, an individual is encouraged to feel supported by the group in learning a new skill.

The group can also share their experiences to help each other gain further insight into their own experience. This is possible because your group contract would have ensured everyone agreed to remain confidential.

How to use the worksheet?

As a facilitator, you can incorporate the plan into one of your sessions as you work with a group of individuals struggling with substance abuse and recovery.

Remember that you can adjust the plan to suit your specific group.

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