Therapy worksheet on guilt (That helps)

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What is the theory behind this Therapy worksheet on guilt?

A therapist can help manage, observe and sort through guilty feelings. Most of the time, the guilt is caused by the external environment, for example, some people become the target of a social stigma that may cause them guilt because of lack of social support. Exploring through this makes the clients realize the disproportionality of their feelings of guilt.  

How will the worksheet help?    

This worksheet will help the clients in addressing their feelings of guilt in a productive way. They will be able to explore ways to give a new more positive meaning to these feelings. Changing thoughts and perception regarding a situation also changes the feelings and outcomes with regards to it. 

How to use this worksheet?

To use this worksheet, read the questions below. Then in a comfortable and distraction free space, write your responses. Be as open and honest as possible. Explore all your guilty feelings and find ways to resolve them. Keep it with you as a day-to-day reminder whenever guilt strikes.  

You can download this worksheet here.

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