What Is Self-Harm Worksheet

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What is the theory behind the worksheet?

Self-harm is a set of behaviors that a person can engage in with the intention of harming themselves for a particular reason. Self-harm should not always be equated with the intention to complete suicide. The majority of the time the intention is not to end their life.

If a person engages in self-harm behaviors, it is important to understand why they are doing so and what the behavior gives to them. Then a mental health practitioner can work with a Safety Plan to help reframe intrusive thoughts or redirect the behavior.

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet is a basic information worksheet covering the topic of what self-harm is. It is a good first point of call to help a person understand the behavior and move into a more non-judgmental space to seek help.

How to use the worksheet.

Whether you are using this worksheet alone or with a mental health practitioner, you can read the information and complete the ‘Reflection Statement’.

This can help you acknowledge your self-harming behaviors and begin looking at options to get assistance.

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