Worksheet for Family Therapy

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What is the theory behind this Worksheet for family therapy?

Family therapy is the type of therapy that focuses on a family working with each other and resolving conflicts and talking about problems. Every member presents their concerns and conflicts and they discuss their solutions in a therapeutic environment. By discussing problems, accepting and improving each other’s flaws, and handling difficult situations, individuals can create a better and healthy environment at home. 

How will this worksheet help you?

This worksheet will help you explore the things you like and dislike about your family and what the things are that you appreciate and what are the things that you dislike. By exploring them, you can talk about these issues within the therapy session and work towards resolving it. This worksheet will also help you look at the positive aspects of your family.

How to use this worksheet?

You can use this worksheet at home when you are free from your daily activities. Keep your family in mind and answer every question honestly. After completing this worksheet you can also discuss these problems with your therapist and family members to move toward problem-solving. You can also suggest your ideas and solutions to your family members. 

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