Your Safe Space Worksheet

What is the theory behind the Your Safe Space Worksheet?

A ‘safe space’ is one’s imagination of a place that makes them feel safe and secure. Including ‘safe space’ imagery in one’s coping toolbox against fearful, anxious and distressing emotions has proven to be an effective strategy in helping an individual cope better. Developing a safe space in one’s imagination can help individuals remind themselves that they are actually safe in the current moment rather than becoming victims to their disturbing emotions. 

How will the worksheet help? 

This worksheet will allow individuals to develop their own ‘Safe Space’ by guiding them through a series of questions. This exercise will help them specify what they believe to be a place that brings them a source of comfort and safety. With repeated practice, they can easily access their imagined safe space when in need to cope better in stressful situations.  

How to use the worksheet? 

This worksheet can be used by therapists and counsellors in both individual and group settings. Instruct the individual to answer the series of questions related to what they think is their ‘safe space’. Have them repeatedly recall these key details in their imagination as practice for when it is actually needed. 

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