12 Patterns of Denial Worksheet 

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What is the theory behind the 12 Patterns of Denial Worksheet?

According to the psychoanalytic theory, humans have a tendency to deal with conflicts and anxieties unconsciously through defense mechanisms. Denial is a common defense mechanism and manifests itself when an individual refuses to accept reality and blocks external events from entering the mind. For effective conflict management and problem-solving in life, one must deal with difficult circumstances by facing them.

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet will provide information about 12 different patterns of denial. Learning about various patterns of denial can help individuals in developing insight into which pattern of denial they are more likely to use so that they can work on their unhealthy behavioral problems

How to use the worksheet?

The first part of the worksheet requires individuals to read about all the 12 patterns of denial and understand them. In the later part, they can identify which patterns are common to them along with specific real-life examples. This worksheet can simply be downloaded, completed, and saved for future reference.

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