30 Days of Gratitude Worksheet

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What is the theory behind the 30 days of gratitude worksheet?

Research has proven that practicing gratitude has a positive effect on our mental and physical health. It brings happiness to the surface that has been buried beneath the weight of stress and negativity. If you practice gratitude for 30 days it is likely that it will become your habit. Make this 30 days gratitude worksheet a way of a mental makeover for yourself and bring positive changes in your life.

How will this worksheet help you?

This worksheet has divided your month into four weeks. Every week has a different theme for practicing gratitude. The first week can bring your focus on the positive things related to yourself, your habits, and your achievement, the second part emphasizes the social relationships and support system, third part helps you to be grateful bout the kind behavior you show and others show towards you. Finally, the last part talks about the all small and big positive things in your life.

 How to use this worksheet?

You can take a printout of this worksheet and paste it on a wall or keep it somewhere you can easily find. Start from week 1 and daily write one blessing on that particular aspect of life. Continue filling out this worksheet on a daily basis and start another week after completing it, in this way, your 30 days of gratitude will be completed.

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