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What is the theory behind this “A-B-C WORKSHEET FOR PTSD”?

The ABC model is inspired from CBT, which is based on the premise that since our thoughts, beliefs, and actions have a direct impact on how we feel, we can evaluate and alter our thoughts and behaviors to alter how we feel when it comes to dealing with PTSD.

How will this worksheet help you?

You can address and correct your cognitive biases and irrational thinking with the use of this worksheet. And you’ll be able to successfully reframe your perspectives and change your behavior to something more empowering and wholesome. This worksheet is intended to help you feel better and deal effectively with the emotions, behaviors, thoughts associated with ptsd or traumatic event.

How to use the worksheet?

Answer each question on the worksheet honestly and truthfully with yourself. Nothing ought to be hurried! Do this homework as you are talking to a psychologist. Once you’re done, you will feel better and empowered to deal with ptsd.

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