ABC Model for REBT Worksheet

What is the theory behind this “ABC Model for REBT worksheet”?

The ABC model is used by rational emotive behavioral therapy (REBT), a type of CBT, to describe how thoughts, emotions, and behaviors interact. According to the paradigm, it’s not only a matter of an unalterable process in which events cause beliefs, which in turn cause consequences; the type of belief matters, and we have the power to change our beliefs.

How will this worksheet help you?

This ABC model for REBT worksheet will help you to differentiate between “rational” and “irrational” beliefs, in terms of getting clarity on how certain events generate thoughts that are influenced by our belief system.This worksheet will help you to accept the reasonable views and refute the irrational beliefs.

How to use the worksheet?

Answer all of the questions on the worksheet truthfully and honestly with yourself. Don’t rush anything!

Fill out this worksheet as if you were talking to a psychologist. When you finish, you’ll feel relieved.

 ABC Model for REBT Worksheet

Activating Event (A)Beliefs (B)Consequence (C) Dispute (D)Effective new beliefs (E)
What happened?What thoughts do I have at this moment and what my thoughts indicate about my beliefs about this event? How do I feel about the event? 
What are my emotions and behavior during this event?
Are the beliefs about this event helpful to me? If the beliefs are not helpful then how can I replace them with effective beliefs? 

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