ABC’s of Anger Worksheet

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What is the theory behind ABC’s of Anger Worksheet?

Albert Ellis gives the ABC’s model for anger management which help in addressing different difficult emotions and anger is one of them. The ABC’s model suggests that our emotions depend on how we interpret and perceive any event or trigger. The main target of this model are our dysfunctional thoughts and beliefs. And to challenge these irrational beliefs from the process of disputation. If we understand this model we can restructure how we interpret situations and control our anger effectively. 

How will this worksheet help you?

This worksheet can help you build a better understanding of how our interpretations affect our emotions and behaviors. With the help of this worksheet, you can increase awareness of patterns and ways that you use in interpreting situations and you can then start working on them after discussing with your therapist. You can share your own situation where you felt angry to understand this model better.

How to use this worksheet?

This worksheet is to be used when you are relaxed and free. You can also use this worksheet in sessions with your therapist. First, you need to understand what this ABC of anger suggests. You can understand it better with the help of examples. After completing the last section where you need to share different events where you felt anger. You can share with your therapist for his/her feedback. This worksheet will be an important step in disputing maladaptive beliefs.

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