Acceptance and Forgiveness Worksheet

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What is the theory behind this Acceptance and Forgiveness Worksheet?

Forgiveness and acceptance are very complicated terminologies that are often misunderstood by individuals. People often think that forgiveness means we have to reconcile and start being nice to the person from whom we have experienced hurtful feelings. Forgiveness is a very different phenomenon. It’s about processing one’s feelings related to that specific event and feeling lighter by forgiving others. This worksheet has been designed on the core model of acceptance and forgiveness given by  Enright and Fitzgibbons in solving 4 stages of uncovering, decision, working, and discovery phase. 

How will the worksheet help?

Therapists can help individuals by using this worksheet. They can provide psychoeducation about the importance of forgiveness. They can make clients identify their own negative emotions which create distress in their life. Individuals first identify and then accept their emotions related to any person. This worksheet will help clients to understand and achieve all 4 stages of forgiveness and release their anger and feelings of hatred and betrayal.  

How to use the worksheet?

Firstly the worksheet has been composed of an accepted part which consists of self-reporting questions about the event and its related person and all the feelings they have about them. The second part consists of questions that will help individuals process what happened and eventually grant forgiveness to someone who wronged them. Worksheets can simply get printed and used in therapeutic sessions.

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