ACT for OCD Worksheet

What is the theory behind this ACT for OCD worksheet?

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Is a type of Cognitive Behavioral therapy that focuses on bringing awareness and acceptance to one’s problematic thoughts and committing to replace them with value driven and meaningful behaviours. ACT helps treat Obsessions and Compulsions by gradual exposure and acceptance of unwanted recurring thoughts. However uncomfortable that might be, clients with OCD are encouraged to refocus the energy used to fight those recurrent thoughts to purposeful value-driven behaviour 

How will the worksheet help?

The worksheet will provide OCD clients with a helpful acronym that they can use to remember what they will learn in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy regarding value-guided exposure to their obsessive thoughts.

How to use the worksheet?

This client handout is to be used as a reminder of what the client has learned in ACT for their OCD. It can help them recall the steps they need to take in order to cope with their obsessive thoughts so that they can commit to act on their values instead of getting hooked on the recurrent intrusive thoughts. 

ACT for OCD Worksheet

Whenever you feel your obsessions coming through, remember the acronym W.I.S.E.M.O.V.E.S to recall and act on what you have learned in therapy. 

WWatch your obsessions – become a silent observerDid you observe your obsessions or become hooked onto them? MMake a choice – Choose value-driven behaviorsWhat was your choice? Was it to move towards your values or away from your values?
IInvite your obsessions – Let them come as they may and do not try to control themDid you make room for your obsessions to let them come freely?OObserve what comes with the choice – Notice the consequences of your actionsWhat happened as a result of the choice?
SStay with your experience – Use mindfulness to stay in the presentDid you take a moment to stay with your experience?VValue your choice  – appreciate your effort to choose what’s best for yoDid you acknowledge and appreciate the process of making a choice?
EEither towards or away from your values – think about your ‘away-moves’ and ‘toward moves’Did you remember you always have a choice?EEngage with what’s nextHow did you move on?
SShow yourself some self-compassion Did you show yourself compassion as opposed to becoming judgmental or critical of your condition and actions?


Ona, P. E. (2021). Living Beyond OCD Using Acceptance Commitment Therapy: A Workbook for Adults. Routledge

You can download this worksheet here.

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