Addiction Worksheet for Students

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Addiction is recognized as having a loss of control over doing, taking, or using something to the extent that it could be harmful to you. It is a common problem requiring serious attention. 

What Are the Theories Behind This Worksheet?

We are focusing on the bio-psycho-social model of addiction which comprehensively incorporates all the risk factors associated with such behaviors and reflection on each aspect makes it reasonable to address the problem as a problem. Also, this is the only perspective that wholistically captures the etiological factors in the development of the problem. 

How Will This Worksheet Help you?

The major benefit of this worksheet is to help you identify the risk or etiological factors in your case. Further, it will help you reflect on the level of problem and solution needed to solve them by understanding the level of control you have in the process.

How Should You Use This Worksheet?

This worksheet is useful for anyone who believes is experiencing addiction to something and wants to understand how it works.  

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