ADHD Daily planner template

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What is the theory behind the template?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) comprises a deficit in behavioral inhibition. A theoretical model links inhibition to 4 executive neuropsychological functions:  

  • Working memory
  • Self-regulation of affect-motivation-arousal
  • Internalization of speech
  • Reconstitution (behavioral analysis and synthesis)

Therefore, organization, time management, and planning problems are key mechanisms of academic failure for people with ADHD. 

How will the template help?

Through this worksheet, adults can organize their time and activities. If you are unfamiliar with this kind of sheet, it will be easier for you to write down the activities as you do them, so that you can begin to have an idea of how long it takes you to do something.

As you progress and get into the habit of using this spreadsheet every day, you will be able to better manage your time and directly complete the temporary spreadsheet at the beginning of the day.

How to use the template?

You can begin by writing all your ideas in the Brain Dump area. Then choose your Top priorities and write them down in the selected area. Finally, transfer the activities that you wrote down in Brain Dump to the Schedule. 

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