An Analysis: Psychological Flexibility Worksheet

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What is the theory behind the worksheet?

Psychological flexibility forms the basis of being able to adapt to each situation you find yourself in. You are centered on the present moment and can analyze your environment and interactions. These are skills that build self-esteem, confidence, and interpersonal communication.

Psychological flexibility and the ability to stop and analyze a situation increases general well-being and mental health.

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet can help you develop these analytical skills that can become more habitual once you continuously practice them. These skills will help you explore your own perception, other’s perception, and the environmental circumstances. Once you understand this, you can decide what to do and how to respond to your environment to gain the best possible outcome.

How to use the worksheet.

When you begin working with this worksheet you may need to complete the worksheet in retrospect and as you become more familiar with the skills you will be able to use them during an interaction.

To start with, think of a situation where you felt conflicted and struggled to adapt. Complete the table in the worksheet while reflecting on your own feelings and perspective. Remember that this is the beginning and may be more difficult. 

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