Anger Control Plan Worksheet 

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What is the theory behind this Anger Control Plan Worksheet?

Three approaches to dealing with anger are calming, suppressing, and expressing your emotions. The anger control plan is essential for individuals who are weak in handling their anger. These individuals are only aware of anger to avoid and make other feelings. To help them worksheet has been designed with all the 3 important components of dealing with anger 

How will the worksheet help?

It will facilitate you in having a better understanding of your maladaptive behavior patterns. You will be able to identify the point where control is easy. It will help you manage the stress created by aggression more easily. You will be able to delay your response and process emotions more adequately.   

How to use the worksheet?

First individuals are required to report initial symptoms of anger and finally act out symptoms of anger to identify the point of using strategies. Later there is a list of coping strategies mentioned below where they are required to read each one carefully and place a tick in front of helpful techniques. Lastly, they have to report overall progress in their anger record. 

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