Anger Umbrella Worksheet

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What is the theory behind the Anger Umbrella worksheet?

Anger is often displayed outwardly. However, behind it outward expression, there can be many underlying emotions; it can be sadness, fear, guilt, or frustration. Thus, anger is a secondary emotion, and just like an umbrella, it covers many underlying primary emotions. By identifying these primary emotions we can uncover the probable causes of anger and therefore, work on it using appropriate strategies. 

How will this worksheet help you?

This worksheet will help you identify the underlying feelings that lead to anger. By helping you identify your underlying feelings, your therapist can help you in exploring ways, techniques, and strategies to resolve them. For example, if you realize your anger is caused by feelings of guilt, you can discuss ways to deal with the guilt, and the feelings of anger may reduce.

How to use this worksheet?

Simply download the worksheet. It is divided into three steps. In step 1, review a list of emotions that underlie anger. In Step 2, review a sample anger umbrella. After reviewing the sample umbrella, make your own anger umbrella in step number 3. Once you have completed this worksheet, share the responses with your therapist.

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