Anxiety Activity Worksheet 

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What is the theory behind this Anxiety Activity worksheet?

Anxiety is most prevalent nowadays and it creates a negative impact on people’s functioning. It can be explained as recurrent thinking and excessive worrying about different domains of life. Basically, anxiety overburdened individuals with excessive thought and improves their ability to act and deal with situations. Anxiety creates a lack of problem-solving and decision-making abilities. It is very important for individuals to detect signs and symptoms of anxiety to deal with them. 

How can this worksheet help you?

This worksheet will help to identify their excessive thinking and they can also analyze the area of life which is creating more distress. It is very important for clients they can identify their anxiety-provoking thoughts and asses which trigger their thinking patterns. This worksheet will help them achieve these targets and work on their thoughts later.  

How to use the worksheet?

This worksheet is helpful for a client in order to have more understanding of therapeutic structure. Instruct clients to identify anxiety-triggering situations. Ask them to identify associated thoughts and associated symptoms.  Ask the client to write all the anxiety-provoking thoughts and ask them to rate in terms of % the anxiety associated with each thought. 

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