Anxiety Diary Worksheet

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What is the theory behind this worksheet?

Engaging in journaling is highly recommended as an effective stress-management tool. It has the potential to diminish anxiety, alleviate distress, and enhance overall well-being.

Whether practiced daily, weekly, or on an as-needed basis during particularly stressful times, you have the flexibility to choose the journaling method that suits you best.

Journaling proves beneficial in relieving stress by assisting in the processing of anxious feelings. Through focused examination, journaling can help minimize the underlying causes of your anxiety.

As a potent tool, journaling enables the exploration and transformation of thoughts, shifting them from anxious and ruminative to empowered and action-oriented.

How will the worksheet help?

The worksheet will help you record provoking situations and your anxiety reactions. It will also help you re-examine your thoughts and beliefs and consequently relieve your anxiety symptoms.

How to use the worksheet?

Print or save the worksheet and use it for every situation that makes you feel anxious.

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