Anxiety Journal Worksheet

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What is the theory behind this Anxiety Journal Worksheet?

Psychotherapy helps individuals to deal with overwhelming emotions. But it can not be accessible or convenient all the time. In a sudden crisis or long-term emotional problem, individuals must be equipped to manage their thoughts, and feelings and find a solution to the problem. One of the ways to express oneself and make sense of the situation in a healthy way is to write a journal. journaling refers to recording your thoughts, feelings, and the external situation through writing. Journaling has been proven to control individuals’ symptoms and improve their mood.

How will the worksheet help?    

This worksheet will help the clients keep track of their anxiety symptoms on a day-to-day basis so that they can identify triggers, find solutions to control them, and find evidence for their negative thoughts. Furthermore, this will give them the opportunity to have encouraging self-talk.

How to use this worksheet?

Use this worksheet when you are experiencing both physical and mental symptoms of anxiety. Take some time out from your daily schedule, get rid of any distractions,s and read the questions mentioned below. Write appropriate responses in the space below. In the additional information section, write further thoughts that come to your mind that may help you in dealing with your present anxiety.  

You can download this worksheet here.

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