Anxiety Provoking Situations worksheet

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What is the theory behind this anxiety provoking situations worksheet? 

Everyday stresses can make anyone anxious. But persistent or long-term stress can result in long-term anxiety, increasing symptoms, and other medical issues. Cognitive behaviour therapy and Exposure therapy is used to manage anxiety. There are many distinct circumstances that can cause anxiety. Both internal and external triggers, such as odours, sights, noises, and emotions, can trigger anxiety.  

How will the worksheet help?

Things that your brain adapted to see as threatening are known as anxiety triggers, and they are what result in severe anxiety feelings. For the management the identification of the Anxiety provoking situations is important. This worksheet will help clients to identify their anxiety provoking situations that will help in learning coping skills to manage anxity.    

How to use the worksheet?  

The therapists can use this worksheet with the clients to guide them in identifying their anxiety provoking situations. This worksheet can be given as homework to the client. 

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