Anxiety symptoms worksheet

What is the theory behind this anxiety symptoms worksheet? 

Anxiety disorders are chronic worries that interfere with academic, social, or other important domains of functioning, like daily activities. It ranges from mild to severe and badly affects a person’s life.One of the most successful therapies for anxiety is discovered to be CBT. Psychoeducation is one of CBT’s key components.

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet will psycho-educate clients about different symptoms of anxiety.It is best for improving the understanding of anxiety and helping to identify the symptoms based on their severity. Also, it can help clients to deal with the issues that constant anxiety can cause.

How to use the worksheet?  

During sessions, the therapist can use this worksheet. It can also be assigned as homework to clients. Therapists brief clients to fill the table after psycho-educating them about the cognitive, physical, and emotional symptoms of anxiety.

Anxiety symptoms worksheet

Anxiety can cause different symptoms. These are categorised into Cognitive, Physical and Emotional symptoms. Identifying these symptoms is beneficial in managing anxiety.  Read the following symptoms and then assess your current symptoms. 

Cognitive SymptomsPhysical  SymptomsEmotional Symptoms
Difficulty in concentration.
Catastrophizing the events.
Fear of “going crazy”
Fear of criticism or judgement 
Fear of losing loved ones
Fear of injury or harm
Fear of illness or death
Difficulty in breathing.
Increased heart beat
Tingling sensation
Disturbed sleep
Uncontrollable worry
Loss of confidence
Guilt feeling
Feeling of helplessness
Anger outburst
Crying spell 

Now you are aware of different symptoms of anxiety. Make a list of all the symptoms you are experiencing by categorising them into cognitive, behavioural and emotional symptoms. 

Cognitive SymptomsPhysical  SymptomsEmotional Symptoms


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You can download this worksheet here.

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