Anxiety Therapy worksheet

What is the theory behind this anxiety Therapy worksheet? 

Anxiety is defined as strong sensations of fear, tension, or worry that are excessive for the circumstances, persist for an excessive period of time, or interfere with daily activities. It is important to get help when anxiety and concern are unreasonable, excessive, and interfere with daily living. Cognitive-behavioural therapies and psychopharmacological medications are both effective ways to treat anxiety problems.

How will the worksheet help?

This worksheet will help clients in understanding their anxiety. It makes them aware of how anxiety is affecting their lives. This worksheet is beneficial for the in depth understanding of anxiety.   

How to use the worksheet?  

The therapist uses this worksheet during the session and instructs the client to answer the questions that are given in the worksheet. 

Anxiety Therapy worksheet

Answer the following questions.

How do you define Anxiety according to your experience?

What makes you anxious?

How did your body react to the anxiety provoking situations?

What were your thoughts and feelings regarding the situation?

Rate your anxiety on the “0-10” scale. “0” for no distress at all and “10” for “severe distress”.  

How anxiety affects emotional, social, personal and occupational life?

Were you able to cope with the anxiety? If yes, how did you cope with the anxiety?

What are your unhealthy behaviours that give temporary relief from anxiety but keep the anxiety cycle continued?

Is there anyone you can approach when you feel anxious?

Think about your anxiety and write or draw anything that comes into your mind. 


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You can download this worksheet here.

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