Anxiety Thermometer worksheet

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What is the theory behind this anxiety Thermometer worksheet? 

Numerous factors can cause children to become worried. It has been demonstrated that CBT procedures are effective in treating anxiety disorders in children and adolescents. Making kids aware of their anxiety level is a helpful technique for helping them cope with anxiety. The first step in learning how to manage anxiety in a  better way is to gain a knowledge of anxieties or worries.

How will the worksheet help?

Children find it difficult to talk about their anxieties or identify their intensity. This worksheet will help children to identify the level of anxiety. Anxiety can be caused due to different factors so this worksheet can  help clients in identifying which situation makes them more anxious. 

How to use the worksheet?  

This worksheet can be given to clients during therapy sessions. The therapist can instruct the client to rate his worry on the thermometer. Parents can also use this worksheet at home.   


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You can download this worksheet here.

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